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Welcome to the FabLabShow!


FabLabShow is India’s first Science Theatre in the form of live fun science stage shows that can create curiousity, instill a love for science and be super entertaining for children between

the ages of 8 to 16 years!

It is a 90 minute fun filled extravaganza based on exciting science, high levels of interaction and experiments done

at never-seen-before scales.

At the FabLabShow you get to see science in action using interactive demonstrations, presentations, videos and

innovative structures and exhibits; many which are completely original and designed specially for the show.

At the end of the show, children leave excited about science, Adults wish they had something like this when they were young, and, teachers enjoy the theoretical concepts come to life.

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Why is FabLabShow unique?

  • FabLabShow is a high energy, funny, quirky and immensely interactive    stage show.

  • Packed with strong learning based experiments which are visual    experiences leaving an indelible mark in the students minds.

  • The general structure of the show has about 12-15 experiments and  presentations which cover 5-6 topics or science principles.

  • Each set of experiments start off small and quickly scale up to create crazy visuals or just amazing wow moments!

  • Besides the science, FabLabShow has decided to go with a Steampunk  look which was chosen because it epitomizes a hand-on kind of creativity from a retro-futuristic fictional era where wild ideas were given a chance.

  • The aim to make FabLabShow an international quality science based theatrical production.

  • Oh and of course our super ROBOT co-host, CHYP! A major highlight

       of the entire show!

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